Velg en side

SCRUM has been on the agenda for a couple of decades now, and it’s now walking through my door as well.

I’m on my way for a 2-week workshop with my team in Sri Lanka. The last 5 years, developement has pretty much been based on the traditional waterfall-project-management style. Being a small team (4-5 persons), we have during these years been more agile than required using a PMI (a traditional framework for project management) method. We started to investigate SCRUM technique a year ago, and our collaboration and developement methods was interesting enough aligned in many ways to this method.

Which is why SCRUM probably is getting lot of attention. It feels, in many ways, like a more natural way of running software developement.

So we’ve ramped up. As well as the whole company in Sri Lanka. I’m now a SCRUM product owner, and the team has attended SCRUM and SCRUM Master courses in their company.

A tool has been set up (Atlassian’s Jira with the Greenhopper plugin), and the next couple of weeks we will practice, discuss, set up, and ramp up.

Not that it’s going to be easy, but certainly it’s going to be fun!

By the way – Sri Lanka is so beautiful, so that’s the bonus of it all for me. Have a look: